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Chaplain's Office - A Busy Place

  • Published
  • By Capt. Steve Peters
  • 185ARW
The 185th Air Refueling Wing's (ARW) Chaplain Section has a lot happening. We hope you'll take a minute to become aware of what we offer and some upcoming opportunities. The Air Force Chaplain Service mission is, "To Glorify God, Honor Airmen and Serve All." Our Chaplain's service seeks to fulfill this mission within the mission of the 185th ARW.

We provide regular worship opportunities during UTA Saturdays. PROTESTANT CHAPEL: 1530 in Building 253, Crew Chief's Briefing Room and CATHOLIC MASS: 1530 in building 254, Operations Briefing Room. All are welcome and encouraged to attend one of these service opportunities. We would also like to invite any feedback from our worship services or the times they are offered that we might serve our community more effectively.

The annual Chaplain's Flight is coming up this summer; the date is yet to be determined. The Chaplain's Flight is an opportunity for unit members to nominate their pastor for an orientation flight on a KC-135 and to offer your pastor a better understanding of the mission of the 185th Air Refueling Wing. They will also experience the outstanding unit members that you have the opportunity to serve with and perhaps plant a seed for an aspiring new Air Force Chaplain.

There are many deployments taking place at the 185th ARW. The chaplains have been providing spiritual and cultural awareness briefings to those out-processing before deployment. A reminder that spiritual care is available to all active duty, guard and reserve members wherever they are asked to serve. New Testaments and other inspirational materials are offered to those deploying and are available to all members in the chaplain's office upon request.

Family members of deployed personnel are encouraged to call on the chaplain's office for support in dealing with stresses that arise due to deployment. The absence of a parent or family member during deployment can provoke behavioral problems in children and youth (and sometimes in adults). The chaplains are an available resource for counseling and guidance.

The chaplain's office is currently being staffed by one of our chaplains Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursdays each week as well as each UTA weekend to meet the spiritual needs of the unit. Please do not hesitate to contact them during any of these times or leave a message and they will get back to you as soon as possible.

We are sad to say goodbye to Senior Master Sgt. Mark Simms, Wing Chaplain Assistant, as he retired May UTA. Simms served with the 185th ARW and the chaplain's office for many years and will be greatly missed.

There is an opening in the Chaplain's Office for a new Chaplain's Assistant. Requirements are skill level five (5) or above, a willingness to complete the basic and advanced Chaplain Assistant courses by correspondence and a desire serve your fellow Airmen. Interested persons should contact the Chaplain's Office.

The 185th ARW Chaplain's Office is staffed by Chaplain Merrill Muller, Chaplain Carl Groh, Chaplain Steve Peters, and Chaplain's Assistants Tech. Sgt. Royd Chambers and Tech. Sgt. Jesse Divelbess. They are all here to serve your spiritual needs. Stop by and see them.