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  • Iowa National Guard Education Grant Remains at 90 Percent

    Iowa guard members enrolled in college classes this year will not see a big change in their tuition assistance. The National Guard Educational Grant (NGEAP) will cover approximately 90 percent of tuition costs for guard members for the 2012-2013 semesters.This percentage has decreased since the

  • After the Homecoming: Military Spouses

    Five Tips to Help Military Spouses Cope with the Stresses Associated with the Military HomecomingShe can feel her heart pounding through her chest. She spent all day at home cleaning the house, then putting on make-up, fixing her hair, and putting on the dress he said he always loved. As the bus

  • Combat Arms Training and Maintenance's "Course of Fire"

    When thinking of the Air National Guard, most people conjure up images of aircraft lifting off from a runway and climbing into a wide open blue sky. They picture airmen climbing on planes and meticulously checking every component to keep that plane flying. Rarely do people think about rifles and